Relocating to a new city, and especially a new country, can be overwhelming.  Annoura Realty Group specializes in Japanese expat relocation Houston.  Once we understand your needs, we can recommend schools and housing.  Once housing is selected, we will help you get your utilities (electricity, water, gas) contracted so you can begin your Houston life.  For expats needing short term stay, our company has fully furnished units in the medical center and Galleria areas, available for lease. 

When it comes to relocating to Houston, our goal is to help you settle down as quickly as possible, in the home most matching your needs.

Our Relocation Services:

There are three general patterns for relocating to Houston, depending on your length of stay and your schedule for house hunting.

Pattern 1:  You have time to come to Houston to house hunt

Pattern 2:  You do not have time to come to Houston to house hunt

Pattern 3:  You will not stay so long in Houston, maybe 1 week up to 3 months.

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